NPK 15-15-15
In this fertilizer the basic nutrients are contained in a form which is easily accetable by plants. The nitrogen here is approximately of 40 % in the form of the nitrate and of 60 % in the ammoniacal form, more than 40 % of phosphorus is in the water soluble form and potassium is in the water soluble form of the chloride. The granulation of this fertilizer ensures a quick and exact dosing. The bulk density is approx. 1,000 kg.m-3 and the angle of slope is 35°.

1)Total:45%min Nitrogen:15%min.

Compound fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 is suitable for soils with medium and higher nutrient reserves and in case the plants have higher demand for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Packaging Detail
Net weight 50kg HDPE bag or at your disposal ,Store at ventilated dry place.

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